As a product of the public school system, I know first-hand who is affected by overcrowded and underfunded schools. I will work tirelessly in Albany to guarantee that the highest quality after school programs are more available to our kids, and that schools have the resources accessible to better their learning experience. The future of our community depends on the education of our children and I will fight to ensure they receive the absolute most from their education.


Improve Quality of Life

Improving quality of life is more than just changes to legislation and policy, it’s about what’s happening in our own back yard. As your Assemblywoman, I will focus on the local issues that impact your day to day life.  Through effective representation and advocacy I will fight to clean up graffiti, work to keep drugs off of our streets, and preserve the values that our community holds dear.


Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare is a cornerstone in all our lives. Ensuring that our community receives the best in affordable healthcare is of the utmost importance. I will push relentlessly to ensure that Medicaid continues to receive funding every year in the annual state budget. I will guarantee that programs such as the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which provides care for over 600,000 children, remains intact. I will fight to make sure that proper healthcare is a right, not a privilege. As your elected official I will make sure that no one is forced to choose between their health and economic stability.


Strengthening Transportation Options

It’s simple: When commuters struggle, the economy struggles. Whether its public transportation or driving a car, millions of New Yorkers struggle with transportation issues on an everyday basis. As your Assemblywoman, I will advocate for necessary investments to reduce congestion and repair New York’s deteriorating infrastructure.  Together, we can get you where you need to go.


Bringing Jobs to Our Community

Our commercial corridors are what keep this community thriving. Their viability is pertinent to the economic stability of our district. I will work diligently to increase the number of Merchant Associations and Business Improvement Districts, fight for living wages, and advocate for lower taxes for our local businesses.


Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic has affected too many lives throughout The Bronx. Last year alone deaths from opioids surpassed both gun violence and car accidents combined. The recent growth of Fentanyl abuse (the Bronx had the most Fentanyl overdoses in 2016) and the rise of new synthetic drugs like K2 makes it critical to ensure that our children have the most up to date information on the dangers of drugs. We need to do more, not only to fund treatment and recovery centers throughout New York State, but also fund school initiatives so that our children are informed of the dangers of these drugs.



New York’s Elderly population is a strong community of well-minded people. They have served our communities, and it is our job to better their care. I will work tirelessly to ensure that adequate funding is given to the organizations that care for our most valued citizens. I will fight to protect and expand programs such as SCHE and SCRIE so that our seniors never have to worry about being forced out of their homes.